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The challenge of clinical reasoning in chronic multimorbidity: time and interactions in the Health Issues Network model.

Consorti F., Torre D., Luzi D., Pecoraro F., Ricci F.L., Tamburis O.     Diagnosis, 2023.

The increasing prevalence of multimorbidity requires new theoretical models and educational approaches to develop physicians’ ability to manage multimorbidity patients. The Health Issues Network (HIN) is an educational approach based on a graphical depiction of the evolutions over time of the concurrent health issues of a patient and of...

The complexity of a clinical history.

D’Uffizi A., Pecoraro F., Ricci F.L., Stecca G., Consorti F.     Stud.Health Technol Inform. 2023, 302, 506-507.

The paper describes a new metrics for measuring the structural complexity of clinical history (modelled by a HINe model) in order to compare different clinical histories and then assign it to the right types of learners.

A Petri Nets-based approach for enhancing clinical reasoning in medical education

Ricci F.L., Consorti F., Pecoraro F., Luzi D., Tamburis O.     IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 2022.

Medical students are called to acquire competences to manage disease in its dynamic evolution over time, learning to analyse how clinical conditions evolve in a patient's history, and how each condition interferes with the evolution of the other coexisting conditions. In the present paper the HIN (Health Issue Network) approach is introduced as a...

Innovative learning technologies as support to clinical reasoning in medical sciences: the case of the FEDERICO II University

Tamburis O., Ricci F.L., Consorti F., Pecoraro F., Luzi D.     Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Its Applications (ISDA), 2021.

The paper describes the first deployment phases of the HIN (Health Issue Network) approach as innovative learning technology for both the Departments of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Productions and of Public Health of the “Federico II” University of Naples. To test this approach, the researchers involved were called to translate...

The Friendly Health Issue Network to Support Computer-Assisted Education for Clinical Reasoning in Multimorbidity Patients

Pecoraro, F.; Ricci, F.L.; Consorti, F.; Luzi, D.; Tamburis, O.     Electronics. 2021, 10, 2075.

Clinical reasoning in multimorbidity conditions asks for the ability to anticipate the possible evolutions of the overall health state of a patient and to identify the interactions among the concurrent health issues and their treatments. The HIN (Health Issue Network) approach, as Petri Nets-based formal language, is introduced as capable of...

Understanding Petri Nets in Health Sciences Education: The Health Issue Network Perspective

Ricci, F.L.; Consorti, F.; Pecoraro, F.; LUZI, D.; Mingarelli, V.; Miotti, S.; Tamburis, O.     Stud. Health Technol. Inform. 2020, 270, 484–488.

Scarce literature exists as to the use of Petri Nets (PN) to model the dynamic evolution of health issues in a deterministic way. Starting from the HIN (Health Issue Network) approach, the paper aims at describing the suitability of PN in supporting the Case–Based Learning method for improving an educational simulation environment in which...

A Straightforward Formalization of the HIN Model

Ricci, F.L.; Pecoraro, F.; Luzi, D.; Consorti, F.; Tamburis, O.     Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione e le Politiche Sociali. IRPPS Working Paper 2020, 121, 1–31.

In the report, the formalization of the HIN model, based on Petri Nets, is described. The purpose of the HIN model is to describe a patient's clinical history in such a way as to allow not only the semi-automatic generation of queries to extract clinical cases from electronic health records (HER) but also to evaluate the distance between two...

HIN (Health Issue Network). Rete dei Problemi di Salute. Uso delle reti di Petri per l’educazione nelle Scienze Mediche

Ricci, F.L.; Pecoraro, F.; Luzi, D.; Consorti, F.; Tamburis, O.     Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione e le Politiche Sociali. IRPPS Working Paper 2020, 122, 1–40.

C’è una crescente pressione sociale perché gli studenti di medicina raggiungano la fine del loro curriculum con un livello di competenza sufficiente per affrontare la pratica clinica già nella fase iniziale della loro carriera. L’apprendimento basato sui casi (Case-Based Learning, o CBL) è un metodo...

HIN-Health Issue Network as Means to Improve Case-Base Learning in Health Sciences Education

Ricci, F.L.; Consorti, F.; Pecoraro, F.; Luzi, D.; Mingarelli, V.; Tamburis, O.     Decision Support Systems and Education, 2018, 255, 262–266.

HIN (Health Issue Network) is introduced as a peculiar approach to enhance Case-Based Learning (CBL) methodology for health sciences education, as well as innovative tool to query problem-oriented EHRs. In this paper HIN’s Petri Nets-based formalism is described, and a first example of its twofold (lower and upper) representation level is...

Case-Based Learning: A Formal Approach to Generate Health Case Studies from Electronic Healthcare Records

Ricci, F.L.; Consorti, F.; Gentile, M.; Messineo, L.; La Guardia, D.; Arrigo, M., Allegra, M.     Stud.Health Technol Inform. 2016, 221, 107-111.

There is an increasing social pressure to train medical students with a level of competency sufficient to face clinical practice already at the end of their curriculum. The case-based learning (CBL) is an efficient teaching method to prepare students for clinical practice through the use of real or realistic clinical cases. In this regard, the...